It's More Than A Dream

Have too much extra TP? Here are our best ideas.

It seems that if COVID-19 has shown us anything about our society, it's that there's one constant comfort that we are unwilling to compromise about, toilet paper. If you were someone who beat the odds and managed to hoarde a large amount of toilet paper and now realize that you've overreacted and have far too much, here's a few suggestions:


Make a Graduate's Day

You can't help but feel for the Class of 2020. High schoolers are losing their senior prom, college and graduate school grads aren't able to celebrate a momentous occasion with their families, and soon-to-be doctors are getting pulled into a pandemic rather than sharing a life-changing moment that they have been working towards for most of their lives. Cue the TP. TP their house, their apartment, whatever it may be. Let them know that they are loved and that their accomplishments have been noticed.

Ironic and Funny Wrapping Paper

Will it be fragile? Sure. But a little extra tape in the right places and your present will stand out from all the rest! Personalize it with some markers, whatever you want! If we can't laugh about the simple things from this time, we'll never leave this period of time in the past where it will soon belong.

People have been making cakes and all kinds of fun posts on social media making light of the more ridiculous side of this pandemic. Toilet paper has become a symbol of sorts for the lighter side of COVID-19.

Roll with the punches

Maybe you're the kind of person that doesn't want to waste the toilet paper that you've already bought. I can respect that. But that doesn't mean that you can get fancy with the rolls! Here are some videos with ideas for how to maximize the organizational potential of those little cardboard tubes, but also some fun ways to use the paper itself!

Entertain the whole family!

Believe it or not there is a precedent for printing an entire story on a roll of toilet paper. This could be a fun activity for a rainy day. Hand each kid/parent a roll of TP and have them write their own story for a family member and then trade! Only problem is that cliffhangers could be an issue until your next trip to the restroom!

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