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5 Ways to Make Ultra Violet Pantone of the Year Pop in Your Wedding

5 Ways to Make Ultra Violet Pantone of the Year Pop in Your Wedding!

Every season has beautiful weddings, but we believe Fall is the time of the year where colors truly shine when paired with the right Pantone! We incorporated the Ultra Violet color into our bridal décor set-up in the lobby at the Embassy Suites in Lombard Oak Brook Hotel. We’ve been in the event-planning world for quite some time and we can’t wait to share our tips and tricks with you all while saving your budget for bridal parties or the big wedding day! 


1. Make a Statement with a Textured Table Cloth

We decided to drape an elegant purple tablecloth adorned in leaves on the table. This really catches the eye and makes a strong statement about the changing season!  


2. Choose a Pantone that Mixes Well with Metals

Gold was the accent we felt would play into the fall bridal theme perfectly. Adding that pop of metal really elevates the overall feel of the décor. 


3. Compliment with Hand-held Favors 

Who doesn’t love favors? Simple, hand-held favors are the best way to save space and entice guests with a small treasure to take home from your day! We incorporated a mini gold pumpkin candle as the takeaway memory.  


4. Wrap the Napkins in an Elegant yet Cost-effective Way

Impress your guests with a neat, simple, and cost-effective touch that adds to their place setting. We love creating napkins to have an effortless feel. The napkin ring of gold wires framed with pearls and crystals cost a lot less than you think!  


5. Excite Guests with Hidden Treats in Your Décor Display 

By sprinkling creative treats into your décor, you’re surprising friends and families with an edible piece they may have thought was décor! We tucked some delicious handmade decorated pretzels into the tree on our table. One was a dark chocolate tuxedo, another was miniature pretzel rods, and the last was the classic bride gown in white chocolate and groom in both flavors! Both cute & tasty!


When it comes to décor, it is the little touches that make a difference.


It doesn’t end here! if you’re looking for some personal, and consultative inspiration, contact Kathy Kadet at 630-273-3322. Allow us to hear what you have to say because we care about every detail when it comes time to plan. Let’s dream up the perfect theme together and unveil a day as beautiful as you are! 

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