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A bell jar, twine, worn wood, a cowboy boot, twigs, moss, and burlap doesn’t sound like the typical material for designing a wedding. Well, actually, it’s the hottest thing going!

I think it’s because a rustic look is so warm and inviting. It lacks the stiffness of weddings past, when you were afraid to touch anything or use the wrong fork.

Today’s world is much more casual, relaxed and very fun! So why not use fabric, textures and materials that appeal to the “creature comfort” in all of us?

As an example, by framing flowers in a bell jar you can create a soft look and flowing design. Green accents are key among the beige or white flowers to make the centerpiece pop. Twigs as accents enhance rustic looks for the perfect finishing touch.

Another great idea is to create table assignments for the wedding on mini slices of tree bark. Then attach them to a rustic piece. As an example, I used a mini metal flower cart or a small square container made out of tree bark. I lined each one with a doilie and placed a cupcake in the center. What a novel idea…a place card that lets you start with dessert. What could provide a sweeter start to your special night?

So at It’s More than a Dream Productions, we are experts in providing unique touches, unusual finds and have awesome listening ability to insure the event you envision becomes the moment you have always dreamed of!

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