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GIY Mini-Runway


It’s our DIY/SFE Blog. At your next party or corporate event, especially with the holidays on the horizon and awards season in full swing, we’ve got a show-stopper for you! Create a mini runway where your guests can model their bling and post pictures on social media. It’s a great icebreaker for corporate events or private parties. STEP ONE: Get a cardboard box. It can be as small as a shoe box or as large as a box from the grocery store. STEP TWO: Cut the front panel of the box away. STEP THREE: Line the bottom of the box with red carpet. You can purchase this at a home improvement or full-line hardware store. STEP FOUR: Line the sides of the box with green carpet or felt. For steps three and four, you can mount with spray mount or hot glue. (If using spray mount, make sure it is in a well-ventilated area!) STEP FIVE: You will need to have someone print out the backdrop, called a “step and repeat.” This is what you see on the runways at all award events and movie premieres. It can be the name of your corporate event or private party. If it’s a corporate event, you can alternate with your company’s logo as well. This can then be mounted on the back panel with spray mount or hot glue. STEP SIX: Purchase and mount some small topiary trees, which are available at craft stores. This enhances the look and makes it seem even more like a runway. STEP SEVEN: Tell everyone to wear their bling and let the posing begin! It will really get your friends to interact and create fun material to post on social media. SFE ENJOY!

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