Charity Events

Site Selection • Event Theme Conception & Development • Auction Item Procurement

Sponsorship Campaigns • On-Site Coordination


Create an Exciting "Place To Be At Event!"


Enhance Previous Years' Efforts Taking Your Cause to New Heights.


Seeking Out New Ways to Realize Higher Goals Than Ever Before!

We know that today there are more charity events than ever before. Our sole goal is to make yours the one "THEY WANT TO BE AT"! We motivate your guests through unique and creative methods. The end result is higher proceeds for your charity and guests looking to next year's event with anticipation. Making your job easier! The key to a successful auctions, sponsorships and high attendance is personal contact and building relationships which is our strength. It is the little touches they notice and remember. It says you care and makes them care and want to help as much as they can. Thus, winning results for your event!