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Dancing with Myself: How to celebrate safely in our COVID-19 world

Safety and celebration aren't mutually exclusive!

In a world where medical professionals are recommending that we all stay 6 feet apart, throwing a party to celebrate someone or something can be kind of tricky! We wanted to share some ideas for how to show someone you care in a safe, COVID-friendly manner until we can celebrate together again!

Keep in mind that it's not just the elderly that are at risk, there's a multitude of medications and conditions that people may be living with that make their bodies unable to fight COVID-19 like the rest of us. Staying home doesn't just protect you, it protects friends and neighbors that you may not even know are at heightened risk!



 #1: Enjoy music together (with lots of space in between)!
Sure, you can’t be in a mosh pit with two thousand of your closest friends right now, but music is something that can be enjoyed by all from a distance, as demonstrated by this Spanish pianist and his new, saxophone-playing friend that joined together to serenade an entire neighborhood on lockdown! 
#2: Drive-by party!
The last thing you want to give your elderly or immunocompromised family members for their birthday, anniversary, etc is this nasty bug. But this community came together to show Coco how happy they are to have her home from chemotherapy in an amazing way that keeps Coco safe but shows her just how loved she is.
#3: Have an online app-based party!
Plenty of people are realizing that the only thing stopping them from having brunch or a drink with their friends is the lack of a venue. Enter Zoom and HouseParty, two app-based services that let you video chat with a whole bunch of people at once. Sure, one may have been originally designed for work meetings, but why not repurpose it to get a bunch of old friends together, near or far! (Note: make sure that your group settings are arranged in a way that doesn't allow strangers to randomly join your gathering!)
#4: Game night!
In today's technologically advanced world it's easy to instantly connect with other people through your phone! If you both have a Monopoly board, what's to stop you from playing? All you have to do is move the other person's pieces around the board too! Or check out the step by step instructions for how to use the Jackbox party games on your computer to host a game night:

Find links to free video chatting apps here:

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