Kathy Kadet

President/ Founder

Dreams are defined as thoughts, images, and sensations in your mind during sleep. However, my dreams, and I hope those I help fulfill, are much more reality-based.

For over 30 years, I have created exciting and imaginative meetings, parties, invitations, holiday décor, themed gift-wrap, and more for friends, family and the company I worked for. I decided it's time to fulfill my own dreams and help others fulfill theirs with great, memorable events designed by It's More Than A Dream Productions.

At It's More Than A Dream Productions, we manufacture dreams. It's the realization of your biggest dreams for your special event — from making your dinner party the one they'll never forget, to that 50thbirthday bash that will take the sting out of those numbers, making it the experience of a lifetime.

It's the dramatically successful CHARITY Event with unprecedented results beyond your expectations! We take a uniquely personalized approach to fundraising. With a Dazzling sense of style not normally seen in all aspects of the event. Guests are asked to many events sooo… we make sure yours is the one the want to attend for many years to come!!!

It's the wedding reception that is magical beyond words, as your guests walk into the room. It's the sparkling, holiday décor that even Santa could never have imagined and better than any storybook.

Then there's a gift wrap that will excite the recipient from their first glance at it. It's art, it tells a story, it's beyond a gift!

Fulfilling all of these dreams are some of our proudest moments.

We're ready to help you write one of the best chapters of your life. You dream it, we design and develop it. We handle it all from start to finish.

The experience of a lifetime begins here. It's your dream coming true!